50 Stunning Tattoo Designs That Can Hide Scars

People from all over the world attach a variety of meanings to their body art through the use of tattoos. Some people obtain them only to make a fashion statement. In contrast, others do them for cultural reasons, such as the Maori. Many people acquire them as a way to remember a particular time, location, or person. On the other hand, some opt to get a tattoo for an altogether opposite reason, such as to hide a scar, for instance.

You may see what we are talking about by looking at the list Bored Panda created. Some of them can hide the scar tissue. In contrast, others find innovative ways to work with it, transforming what was once regarded as an unpleasant flaw into something stunningly beautiful. Which one-do you think is the best?

Source: BoredPanda


Tattoo source:- bexhope


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Tattoo source:- SwollenGoat68


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Tattoo source:- unknown.


Tattoo source:- beautiful-nightmares12


“What inspired me to get tattoos to cover my scars was so whenever I was down or having a bad day, I could look down at my newly painted arm and remember that overcoming something can lead to beautiful things. My next step is to cover the scars of my other arm and my leg. It’s never easy, but by getting them covered up, it’s a little bit like closure.” — Lauren S.
Tattoo source:- Lauren S


Tattoo source:- mighele


Tattoo source:- romanordtattoo


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Tattoo source:- reddit.com


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Tattoo source:- juanchotattoo1982


Tattoo source:- Masa Tattooer


“I got a Sylvia Plath tattoo. She’s my absolute favorite poet/author. Her quote ‘I am. I am. I am (from her book ‘The Bell Jar’) symbolizes that suicide could’ve been the end for me, but I’m here, ‘I am here, I am alive, and I am determined to get through this. The cat is Sylvia’s drawing called ‘Curious French Cat,’ and it also symbolizes self-harm and depression — but how it’s not the answer anymore.” — Shannon P.

Tattoo source:- Shannon P


Tattoo source:- unknown.


“I saw this quote back when I was in seventh grade. I knew one day that I would have this tatted on me. I didn’t start self-harming until my sophomore year in high school. As a freshman in college last year, I finally got this quote on my body.” — Zari S.

Tattoo source:- Zari S.


Tattoo source:- brustkrebs_tattoos


Tattoo source:- ilwolhongdam


Tattoo source:- siclovanandrei


Tattoo source:- unknown.


Tattoo source:- Jaylandtoy Remoriras tattoo


Tattoo source:- pablo.pic.ass.o


Tattoo source:- jamestattoo_chiangmai


Tattoo source:- tinagmandarina


Tattoo source:- ajinktattoo


Tattoo source:- badwu1f


Tattoo source:- francis_field


Tattoo source:- BelfastTattooCollective


Tattoo source:- unknown.


The classic Hungarian tulip, which can be seen as a component of the ornamentation of traditional furniture, was utilized to cover up a deep scar that was left behind after an ateroma was removed.

Tattoo source:- the.dishy


Tattoo source:- barbara.ink


Tattoo source:- nelsoncairestattoos


Tattoo source:- nicolemariemccord


Tattoo source:- unknown.


Today a lady came in with a hideous scar on her face that had been caused by skin cancer, and all she wanted was for someone to help her cover it up, even if it wouldn't last.

Tattoo source:- stevierandallyn


Tattoo source:- ashtray_arts_tattoos


"Self-harm was a way that I coped with the episodes of depression and suicidal ideation that I went through. I would feel all this rage building up inside of me, and I desperately sought some type of outlet for it. But the melancholy made me feel like I deserved to injure myself, so I entertained the idea of doing so. Therefore, I would come home virtually every day with cuts all over my arms. It all began with a minor cut that served as a plea for assistance, but very quickly it developed into an addiction. When I finally had the motivation to get healthy, I wanted something beautiful to hide these scars on my arm so they wouldn't be visible. Now I have a tattoo that-says, "This too shall pass," along with a peony flower, which stands for recovery. When I feel the want to hurt myself, I immediately glance at the spot on my arm where I normally cut, and I see this lovely tattoo with a meaningful phrase. Then I just let out a big weep and try to get the feeling out of my system as quickly as possible. It has been beneficial to me, and it has also encouraged others to discuss issues related to mental health. It's more than simply a tattoo; it's a visual representation of my road to recovery. — Reshmi C.

Tattoo source:- Reshmi C.


On June 5, 2012, I got my second tattoo, which is what you see here. A few months ago, I stumbled-across this sentence and immediately realized that I desired to have it completed after reading it. To keep a very long tale short, I've had a lot of health problems throughout my life, including severe allergies, a number of surgeries, and a general lack of good health (you can sort of see part of my main-scar here that goes across my entire stomach and bottom left side). The response "Poor Lauren, that's so terrible, I feel so bad for you!" is the one that bothers me the most out-of all the possible responses. I do not appreciate being pitied or made to feel sorry for myself about circumstances that are beyond my control. I was born-with what life gave me, and I've just dealt with it without ever sitting about feeling sorry for myself or demanding other people's pity. I was born with what life gave-me, and I've just dealt with it.

Tattoo source:-- betterthan-thebesttattoos


Tattoo source:-- Daedra Art & Tattoo –- Flavia Carvalho

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