Inspired By The Delicate Nature, Tattoos Are Perfectly Placed On The Body Of The Wearer

South Korean tattoo artist Le Jardin de Zihwa, known as Zihwa, creates delicate drawings on the skin. Choosing a soft black shade and thin lines made from a single needle, her style complements the subtlety with soft shades and realistic rendering. Aesthetics are appropriate for subject matter inspired by her nature; Blooming flowers, sliding snakes, and foxes are reminiscent of technical drawings you can see in a textbook. Zhwa's compositions look magically like potentially humble paintings, and they feel like part of a fairy tale on carved skin.

Zihwa originally trained as a graphic designer and started her tattooing career a few years ago. The designer's training is evident in her tattoos, and her illustrations are often deliberately wrapped around her body - just the way it is meant to be. In one tattoo, a snake moves through the center of a client's chest, while in another design, flowers and birds fit snugly under the ear, showing how well it fits into the side of the neck.

Since gaining a reputation as a tattoo artist, Zhwa has begun creating products based on her artwork. Spectacles, bags, and temporary tattoos are now available in her online store.

Artist Le Jardin de Zhwa creates delicate line tattoos inspired by the subtle beauty of nature.

The soft soles are perfectly placed on the skin - they always seem to be on the wearer.

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