30 Times That Artists Saved The Messed-Up Tattoos With Cool Cover Up Tattoos

Many people plan to tattoo their skin these days. But sometimes, things can wrong and mess up your tattoo. But don’t worry, you don’t have to wear anything to cover the messed tattoos forever. There are ways to get rid of messed tattoos with a great cover-up.

It doesn’t need to be messed tattoo, if you didn’t like your tattoo you can completely hide it or need any changes to your old tattoo, you can add new things to it. They can make a huge difference to your old tattoo such as from an alien converting into a cat or a cross into a tree. We found these amazing tattoo

cover-ups on a subreddit called r/Fixed tattoos. Scroll down to check them.

#1 Transformed into a tree


#2 Oh! wow he found an amazing artist for the coverup


The owner of the wonderful tattoo which is located in Portland, Oregon, Alice Kendall said that cover-ups didn't have to be excellent dark or all black and she believes that almost every tattoo can be covered with a nice style, but it helps if the person is flexible with the design and realistic about the result. This

process is not as easy as think, it is not like inking a new tattoo over the top of an old tattoo, It’s different than that.

#3 They brilliantly covered the portrait tattoo.


#4 Faded tattoo remake, amazing work

Because when tattooing, the needle deposits the ink in your skin. So, if you planning a cover-up tattoo, that ink is also deposited on the same location, so it will mix two inks and the results color can be different.

As an example, if someone tattooed something with red color and when having a cover-up tattoo, the artist put blue color, it will mix the red and blue colors and give results in color like purple. Dark colors always dominate the light colors, so, for cover-up tattoos, black is the preferred choice.

#5 Before work is also nice, but rework is incredible with more details


#6 Good transformation


#7 This fantastic rabbit was reworked by Ali burke at highwater gallery, Swansea UK


#8 There is a difference between the old tattoo and the cover-up


#9 Pikachu drawing himself


#10 Reworked and improved the tattoo


#11 No it’s not Mary, so turned it to Marge


#12 Fantastic work


#13 Before an Alien, but now it’s a cat


#14 Superman logo to an owl with a nice background and this cover-up done by Rodney Eckenberger


#15 This is also an outstanding cover-up


#16 This is an awesome improvement to the old tattoo


#17 Wow, they added realisticness to the tattoo


#18 They the added depth and makes it look amazing


#19 After tribal tattoo got out of fashion, he covered it with a nice tattoo


#20 The coverup look like fresh flowers


#21 Tattooist Muha covered this well


#22 This is a lovely coverup


#23 Another amazing tattoo cover-up, Is it a zombie Pinocchio


#24 Faded batman turned into a realistic-looking batman


#25 Turned it into a peacock blob by Whitney at Boss Tattoos in YYC


#26 In 2005, I tattooed this bird and added little leaves in 2010, In 2018 I get this cover-up by artist Jen


Tonic who is currently located in Berlin. The poppy flower is my state flower, so he designed this and inked it nicely

#27 Blackout-tattoo cover-up


#28 Sweet cover-up


#29 Hand transformed into a colorful rocket


#30 As a remember of my soul pup, Chihuahua, 

I tattooed a Kiwi with his footprint on it. It’s a great concept for me but the work is terrible, so I recently got this great piece of the cover-up by this amazing artist who saved the paw print of my pup.

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